What Does Luck Have to Do With Power?

I recently wrote  a blog post about a start up that garnered more attention than I expected. How did I know there was a company news black out except to The Wall Street Journal and that my post and opinions would pre-date by 12 hours a national fascination with this company? I didn’t know. Nor did I know the woman running it is being called by some, “The next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.”

But there they were checking out my site –  The ad agency of Apple and Nike; Walgreens corporate, Johns Hopkins, Intel, a slew of medical research labs, the California Secretary of State’s Office, the Department of Defense,  and of course, the company itself. And they didn’t just come for a minute and go. They stayed for long periods of time.   Every day I find people  from all over the world coming directly to that particular blog post – India, Australia, Greece, France, and more. Someone has returned 18 times in 2 weeks.

I’m going to tie this together with these videos in a blog post soon. Meanwhile think about what makes for personal power.  Luck? skill?  Being in the right place at the right time?

There are a lot of components to power. Having a lot of money is not a necessity – is that what you think of?

Suppose you are middle aged, feeling like you lost your power and you want to feel empowered. Do you think, “What can I learn from a coffee bar with techies?” Hold on, because this is where we are going and what you will learn.






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