Power Secrets for Women

Our philosophy is simple: Everything is not ok, but you can be. Personal power is how you get there.  Here is where you will learn what power is, where yours is, how to retain it, use it, and keep it forever. No matter what. Just like you were born with the color of your eyes, you were born with personal power-  a baby’s cry, smell and smile is power – but don’t worry, we know you aren’t a baby any more and we will address the grown up who feels a little lost and powerless.


Hi from Ann who used to think power came from the utility company.

This is John.  He’s the gender balance to this site and you will be hearing from both of us.rustysb

We are here to put together our collective information, bad stories, good research and bring you the data points, the info and the ways and means to increase or manage power. Power in your work, with family, your self, with others, with your cat or dog,  – yes, power is used and needed everywhere.

Are you powerless, REALLY?

No. If you think you are, we are going to call that learned helplessness.  This phrase comes from an experiment with dogs many years ago at the University of Pennsylvania that Dr. Martin Seligman did. The dogs  were trained to think they could not escape a certain environment. In fact, they could – they were not chained o otherwise encumbered. They became depressed thinking there was no way out of the enclosure. Then they were shown how to get out. Suddenly, with the knowledge of the exit came power and the dogs freely went in and out and the depression was gone.

How much like Marty’s dogs are you? Probably quite a lot.  Many people think they are helpless when in fact they have power right in front of them. I’m going to teach you how to find that power.

  • Opportunity must be recognized when it comes or it is lost.
  • If you don’t make the decision to take action now there’s little chance you will do it in the future.
  • Time is short.
  • You are worth it.


If you don’t want to wait for all the rest of the information and data points (such as we have 2 brains and what that discovery means to you) then click here, right now, and find out NOW how to get some mojo going


Be sure and watch the video – always puts a smile on my face. Then get the pdf and start the power journey.


We are all somewhere. If we don’t like it, don’t wait, change. Time is not a renewable resource and you and I and everyone needs to use it wisely and powerfully because we cannot bank it or get it back.




Ann – I live in Palo Alto, CA., went to the University of Pennsylvania,  Antioch and did graduate work at Stanford (ABD).  Recently I did post grad psychology work with Dr. Martin Seligman from The University of Pennsylvania. He taught Positive Psychology and oh, what a course that was. I remember him from learned helplessness to his research in learned optimism and found him again as the leader in  whole new field. I am a Certified Positive Psychology Coach. I have written 4 books,  had 2 marriages and 3 kids.

John lives in Palo Alto and has a background in laser and mechanical engineering with 2 degrees from UC Berkeley. He has a couple patents, one marriage, one kid. He can talk guitar and music history better than anyone I know.

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